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It’s quite common to run computations as (batch) jobs. Nerd makes it easy to do so using cloud resources.

It’s a simple command-line tool that allows you to start and manage jobs on the Nerdalize cloud as well as uploading and downloading your jobs’ input and output data. Because it uses Docker technology you don’t need to set up machines and install software over and over again — you can run your job with just one command.

When to use Nerd

Nerd is great if you want to run computations, simulations and analyses that (optionally) use some input data and generate output files or logs. No need to configure clusters or VMs.

Nerd is less suitable for realtime processes (e.g. web services) and processes that need a GUI or require a a lot of manual interaction. Kubernetes (using kubectl) may be more suitable in these cases.

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Getting started

Use our CO2 calculator to run your first jobs using Nerd and learn how to run your own applications.

Get started