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Warm water illustration

Free heat for homeowners

Yearly savings of up to € 200 per home

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Lower-cost compute

40% reduction by not building a datacenter

World illustration

2 tons of CO2 saved per household

That’s 2 trips from Amsterdam to San Francisco & back

Incredibly efficient

Our setup eliminates the need to waste energy on cooling servers. It has a server power usage efficiency (SPUE) as low as 1.07 and a PUE of 1.02. And that’s not even taking into account that the electricity of our servers is used twice: once to compute and once to heat.

Much more flexible

With thousands of interested homeowners, we can rapidly install new servers all over the Netherlands. Allowing for geo-redundancy and adaptability in scaling up.

Yearly CO2 emissions

(kg per useful KWh)
Datacenter icon
9400 kg
High-efficiency datacenter icon
4800 kg
average grid
Cloudbox average grid icon
980 kg
zero-emissions grid
Cloudbox using zero-emissions grid icon
Left-pointing chevron
103 %
-250 kg

Our super-efficient CloudBox servers

Provides up to 75% of the domestic hot water in a home

Our CloudBox works together with a home's existing hot water system to provide hot tap water. It uses the heat from its servers to warm water to 55°C.The normal heater only has to kick in at times like the morning rush hour, when the whole family takes a shower.

That saves about 75% of the energy used for hot water, or 2 tons of CO2 per year. Which also pays off for the most energy-efficient homes.

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It’s modular for easy maintenance

The servers in a CloudBox are contained in smaller ComputeModules. The modules can quickly be swapped out without the need for an IT expert. So when a CloudBox needs maintenance, the serviceman will be finished in no time.

CloudModule illustration

High performance CloudModules, liquid-cooled for efficiency

Each of the ComputeModules in a CloudBox contains multiple high-performance servers. Unlike most servers these are liquid-cooled. It allows us to use over 99% of the heat of the servers to heat tap water.

Secured using encryption

All data in a CloudBox is securely encrypted and immediately wiped if a server shuts down or if an intruder is detected. Because CloudBoxes are used only for compute we can simply migrate the computations.

Our high-speed NerdCore network

Our own high-speed fiber network

We don't just use traditional home internet to connect our CloudBoxes. Instead we operate our own fiber-to-the-home network. And it's not just for our CloudBoxes: homeowners get their own physically separated high-speed fiber connection.

It turns the whole Netherlands into a super-fast datacenter

Operating our own fiber network allows us to use state-of-the-art networking hardware and our own custom software. That's why we can offer speeds of up to 10 Gb/s and latency as low 0.2 ms between CloudBoxes. We're basically turning the country into a huge datacenter.

Network illustration
10 Gb/s
10 Gb/s
0.20 ms

Our scalable software stack

Turning our homes into one platform

Our high-speed network allows us to treat our servers as if they are right next to each other . That means we can quickly spin up virtual machines on them as if they were in an actual datacenter and allow you to easily manage their virtual machines and services right from your desk.

Pick where in the stack you want to work on

We believe in cloud as a commodity. That’s why we use Docker’s container technology to make it easy to move your workloads to our cloud or to a different provider, without lock-in. Combined with our Kubernetes clusters for orchestrating applications across servers it makes it really straightforward to spin up workloads.

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FFmpegPythonOpenFOAMDelft3DTensorFlowXBeachBlenderR ProjectApache Spark FFmpegPythonOpenFOAMDelft3DTensorFlowXBeachBlenderR ProjectApache Spark

Usable tools at multiple levels

We love the flexibility and power of using Kubernetes and Docker. To make it even easier we built Nerd on top of it to scale computations, simulations and analyses to the cloud with just a single command. On the other hand, customers who want complete control and flexibility can also use virtual machines directly.